New year's eve Finca la cortesin

16 Feb New Year’s Eve at Finca Cortesin

Imagine a gentle breeze, borne across the still evening waters of the Mediterranean, caressing your face, tussling your hair ever so gently as you stand beneath a centuries old olive tree on the grounds of the incomparable Finca Cortesin. It’s New Year’s Eve and you’ve...

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Chritsmas party 2017

02 Feb Christmas Parties – 2017 and Beyond

.mejs-container{height:455px !important;} Christmas parties always have a special air about them. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s so close to the end of the year and people are taking stock. Maybe it’s associations revellers make with Christmas’ past. Maybe it’s because it’s the one time each...

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Tarifa weddings

29 Jan Tarifa: Wedding Destination for 2018

When evaluating a wedding venue you have a lot to consider including availability, size, setting, weather, adaptability, catering, technological capabilities and much, much more. It’s a daunting task sifting through the innumerable options to find a place that expresses your tastes and beliefs while also...

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Charity gala

17 Jan Gala Charity events

Chez Vous is the industry leader in event organization on the Costa del Sol. We put the full weight of our resources and expertise behind the concepting and execution of every event we’re privileged to work on. We feel a particular sense of pride and...

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Video wall chez vous

12 Jan Launch of our Video Wall

In the past when you wanted to have a moving picture display during your conference, party or corporate event you needed to project your video or film content onto a screen. Typically these presentations suffered from poor contrast and were limited in duration since projector...

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Meet Our Chefs In 20 Questions

13 Jul Meet Our Chefs In 20 Questions

Natalia & Ellie have joined Chez Vous head chef, Sophie, for the summer. Here we get to know them with 20 questions! Where did you train to cook? E: We both trained at Leiths school of food and wine (@Leithscooking) class of 2015. Which means we have gained...

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