Chritsmas party 2017

02 Feb Christmas Parties – 2017 and Beyond

Christmas parties always have a special air about them. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s so close to the end of the year and people are taking stock. Maybe it’s associations revellers make with Christmas’ past. Maybe it’s because it’s the one time each year when people of all faiths and backgrounds seem to put aside their differences and recognise their common humanity. Whatever the reasons though Christmas parties by Chez Vous strive to capture the spirit of the season in a way that’s respectful of both past and present. The Christmas Gala we designed and managed for corporate giants William Hill and GVC is a good example.

The William Hill and GVC Christmas Party

corporate event chez vous

Even the most hard bitten corporate executive tends to let his or her guard down just a bit at Christmas and the Chez Vous Christmas party for William Hill and GVC was a great example of the right way to promote goodwill and revel in holiday cheer. Guest were treated to typical gastronomic delights of the season including Christmas canapés and a 2 course meal. The venue was resplendent in beautiful hand-crafted decorations and holding all the different aspects together was state of the art sound system designed and maintained by our world class audio techs.

A Corporate event like no other…

Chritmas party 2017

A Chez Vous Christmas party is unlike any other in the way it effortlessly integrates the tradition with a modern twist. Using state of the art lighting design to create an atmosphere that engulfs the senses but at the same time showcasing something different is what Chez Vous is all about. With us you can be guaranteed that what you will experience is something new and exciting, something people have not experienced before. We pride ourselves on creativity, providing the guests with various surprises throughout the night.

Something for Everyone

Christmas is a time for expressing our spiritual commonality through music and the entertainment at the William Hill and GVC Christmas party did just that. There were soulful renditions of Christmas classics on the electric violin, an evocative instrument that extends the expressive possibilities of and breathes new life into well-worn standards. And the timeless timbre of the saxophone helped kick off the party and getting people dancing into the early morning hours.

Experience a Chez Vous Christmas for Yourself

When you enlist Chez Vous to design and organise your Christmas party, whether it is for a corporate or private purpose, you can be certain of a few things: impeccable taste will be on display throughout, there will be surprises that warm the heart and delight the senses and we always create something that you can be sure of will leave you remembering the event for months to come


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