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15 Nov Party Entertainment along the Costa Del Sol

From live bands to Flamenco dancers and everything in between Chez Vous is your source for both traditional and leading edge entertainment on the Costa del Sol. When you partner with Chez Vous for your entertainment you simply select from our roster of world class performers and we do the rest.


Chez Vous Entertainment Categories:




Acrobats wedding event


They defy gravity while stretching the bounds of physical expression. They transfix your guests and take their breath away. They’re descended from an ancient European tradition yet they seem to have been sprung from the restless soul of the modern world.




House chow party event


Horses are an integral part of Spanish tradition and few things will impress your guests like the sight of these majestic animals displaying their intelligence, discipline and gentle demeanour while being put through a series of tightly choreographed moves.




Live band event

Nothing brings an evening to life like a live band and we work with the best. These are no garage bands. These are dedicated musicians capable of performing everything from note perfect renditions of your favourite hits to crowd pleasing originals that will have you dancing.




Flamenco show chez events


Flamenco is not dance, it’s performance art of the highest order that’s every bit the equal of ballet. But it’s more than that as well: it’s a window into the heart of the Spanish people. We partner with the most talented, most experienced Flamenco dancers in the region.



The music you select for your event establishes the atmosphere and either sets your guests at ease or gets them on the floor. Whether you’re planning an awards ceremony a wedding or a corporate networking event we have the musicians that will tie it all together.




electric Violonist



The electric violin has been around for nearly a century and has expanded and enriched the repertoire of this most traditional of instruments. From classical to jazz to rock and folk the electric violinist fills the air with the sounds of 21st century sophistication.




When it comes to elegant, sophisticated background music nothing tops a string quartet. The string quartet is what all other types of atmospheric accompaniment aspire to and we work with the most accomplished string quartets in Andalusia.


First class entertainment is what separates memorable events from the run-of-the-mill. Talk to the experts at Chez Vous about arranging entertainment for your upcoming event.

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