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29 Jan Tarifa: Wedding Destination for 2018

When evaluating a wedding venue you have a lot to consider including availability, size, setting, weather, adaptability, catering, technological capabilities and much, much more. It’s a daunting task sifting through the innumerable options to find a place that expresses your tastes and beliefs while also embodying a sense of wonder and optimism. As such it’s no surprise so many people choose to work with the professional wedding planners at Chez Vous. For those looking for a particularly breathtaking backdrop for their nuptials in 2018, one destination that stands out from the rest is Tarifa.

tarifa beach wedding

About Tarifa

Tarifa is an ancient Andalusian town that occupies the southernmost tip of the Iberian Peninsula. It has a well-deserved reputation as one of the world’s great destinations for wind sport lovers, but it’s so much more than that. It’s also one of the most evocative, historic, well-maintained and lively resort towns on the Costa del Sol with a perfect balance of old and new cultural influences, a reverence for the natural splendour of its privileged setting and a flair for the romantic.

tarifa beach wedding

A Gateway to the Future

There are a slew of adjectives that are bandied about in an attempt to do justice to Tarifa: exciting, lively, charming, vibrant, historic, cultivated, evocative and more and all can be said to apply. Yet none are really capable of doing this tiny outcropping at the entrance to the Mediterranean world justice when it comes to explaining its mystery and allure. Which is why it is, in many ways, the perfect backdrop for a ceremony wherein 2 people affirm the mysteries of their own love while standing at the gateway to their future.

Peerless Venues

The town boasts a number of historic sun-drenched chapels both in its centre and sprinkled about the surrounding hillsides, 4 and 5 star hotels with breathtaking views across the crystal blue waters of the Strait to Morocco and traditional Spanish cortijos that provide revellers with a taste of Spanish hospitality at its best. For such a compact locale the number and variety of wedding venues is truly amazing with one to fit every taste.

Convenient and Adaptable

Holding your wedding in an urban venue can be a nerve rattling experience. Holding it too far afield in the countryside can result in guests getting lost and enormous distances between ceremony and reception. When you choose to hold your wedding in Tarifa however you get the best of both worlds. Whatever you need from a logistical standpoint is readily available as it would be in Madrid or Barcelona and yet the town has the classic air of a cosy Mediterranean resort and is small enough to enable guests to walk from their hotel to the ceremony past white sand beaches and historic battlements.

If you’re in search of the ideal location for your wedding in 2018 you can’t go wrong with Tarifa. Give Chez Vous a call today and talk to one of our world class event planners about the possibilities that await in one of the true treasures of the Spanish Mediterranean coast.



  • Pedro Bellido
    Posted at 10:59h, 06 March

    Tarifa is such a beautiful setting. So lovely! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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