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Chez Vous Events are the leading entertainment suppliers in the south of Spain. Thanks to our years of experience, we have a personal relationship with the best musicians and performance artists both in Spain and internationally.


Booking entertainment through Chez Vous Events will ensure a class act and excellent organization. From Marbella entertainment to the whole of the Costa del Sol entertainment, we take care of contacting, scheduling, setting-up and payment, ensuring that you can relax and enjoy a memorable experience.


Our entertainment acts include:


  • DJs
  • Musicians
  • Acrobats
  • Fire Performers
  • Flamenco
  • Tango Dancers
  • Cuban/ Brazilian / African Dancers
  • Belly Dancers
  • Mariachis
  • Horse Shows
  • String Quartets
  • Show Bands
  • Orchestra
  • Singers- of all genres
  • Children’s Entertainers
  • Aerial Acts
  • Personalities & Comedians
  • Magicians




We can help you choose the perfect DJ for your event, whether you’re looking for a relaxed cocktail party vibe or an electric ambience. Our aim is to supply a DJ that reflects the purpose of your event. Our DJs will meet with you to establish your taste in order to ensure that the music is perfect for your event. We have a wide range of DJs from Nikki Beach regulars to world class touring acts. Chez Vous Events can take care of all elements of the performance, from booking your DJ to setting up stage, light and acoustic requirements.




We have a portfolio of incredible music artists who can entertain guests at your event or wedding. Our top artists are a fail proof way to create an incredible party ambience. We can supply your ideal musician, be it a band, a solo singer, a guitarist, or even an electric violinist! We can suggest the perfect musical compliment to your event, one that matches the purpose the style and the ambience to perfection. Chez Vous Events will take care of booking, setting up and paying the artist, so the experience is as enjoyable for you as it is for your guests.




At Chez Vous Events we specialise in the art of surprise. Acrobats provide a playful, exciting and impressive element to any event. Be it flying champagne waiters, a human flower wall or even trapeze artists, we have the contacts and the know how to add the wow-factor to your event. No idea is unachievable with our years of experience. Chez Vous Events can also take care of all elements of the performance, from booking to stage, light and acoustic requirements.


Fire Performers


If you are hosting an evening event and looking to add a special touch, then look no further than hiring fire performers to welcome and entertain your guests. Be it a solo performer or a group of 5, this incredible spectacle will leave your guests with a lasting memory. We work with highly experienced performers who have qualified with the highest safety standards.




There is nothing more representative of the culture in the south of Spain than a traditional flamenco show. Chez Vous Events has a long standing relationship with some of the best flamenco singers and dancers in the area. The musicians will tailor their performance depending on the mood of your event, every element is customizable. Visually and acoustically a flamenco act is a fantastic way to entertain your guest and give them a taste of true Spanish tradition. We take care of all elements of the performance, from booking to stage, light and acoustic requirements.


Tango Dancers


Infuse your event with an element of Argentinian artistry. Tango dancers offer a powerful visualization of Argentinian culture and heritage with emotive moves and compelling music. Chez Vous Events works exclusively with dancers trained in Argentina, to ensure your tango performance is as authentic as it is exhilarating. We take care of all elements of the performance, from booking to stage, light and acoustic requirements.


Cuban / Brazilian / African Dancers


Add some international flair to your event with an exotic dance inspired by one of these unique cultures. Cuban, Brazilian and African dance is infused with emotion and heritage. These cultures celebrate happiness through the art of dance, bringing a truly uplifting performance to your event. Chez Vous Events work solely with authentic dance companies and our dancers come highly recommended. We take care of all elements of the performance, from booking to stage, light and acoustic requirements.


Belly Dancers


There is nothing more exotic than a live belly dance at your event. Our dancers are highly trained and have worked at some of the most exclusive events in the south of Spain. A belly dance is a carried out in traditional dress to the backdrop of traditional Egyptian music. Depending on your requirement we can organize for a single belly dancer or a group. We take care of all elements of the performance, from booking to stage, light and acoustic requirements.




Mariachi is traditional folk music from Mexico. Mariachi began as regional folk style music in the center west of Mexico originally played only with string instruments and musicians dressed in the white pants and shirts of peasant farmers. Chez Vous Events has exclusive access to Marichi singers in the south of Spain. This fantastically upbeat and authentic singing style is a great addition to any event and brings the fun factor with a Mexican twist.


Horse Shows


The ultimate way to impress your guests is with a traditional Spanish horse show. This experience is truly unique and impresses guests with the beauty and control of the horse whilst giving them a taste of a truly memorable Spanish tradition. The horse can be dressed according to your event, and performs a sequence of beautifully choreographed moves to compliment your occasion.


String Quartets


A string quartet is an elegant and sophisticated way to set the mood at any event. Both visually and acoustically this act single handedly transforms an event. This is a perfect compliment to any wedding or special event. Your string quartet can play pieces of your choice, or come up with a special selection of songs to suit your criteria.


Show Bands


Show bands are both entertaining and theatrical! A show band is a 7 to 9-piece band that backs up guest entertainers. We have top contacts in the south of Spain to put together a truly memorable show band performance at your event. Our show band can create a unique performance to reflect your event and your taste.




The ultimate in extravagance, with Chez Vous Events can organize a full orchestra to play at your event. Be it a wedding, a birthday party or a ball, we can organize a musical sensation to accompany your event. Our orchestral contacts have played with some of the most impressive organisations worldwide and are committed to quality.




At Chez Vous Events, we have a portfolio of singers that cover all tastes and preference. Whether you’re looking for an acoustic artist, a rock singer, a soul sensation or a terrific tenor, we have the contacts here in the South of Spain. All of our singers have performed to an extremely high standard in performances around the world and are dedicated to creating a performance that will leave both you and your guests with a lasting memory.


Children’s Entertainers


Nowadays with the rise of digital technology, it’s hard to find a children’s entertainer who can captivate a room of toddlers like before. Not at Chez Vous Events, however. We work with Children’s performers who have been flown around the world to provide entertainment to the who’s who of the toddler scene. We have magicians, actors, puppeteers, creative craft entertainers, cooking with kids specialists and so much more. No wish is too large, we are committed to giving your little ones a day to remember.


Aerial Acts


Aerial acts are the ultimate in event entertainment. If you have had the pleasure of seeing Cirque du Soleil then you know what to expect. We work with the highest trained aerial acrobats who are both creative and professional. At Chez Vous Events we can create a create a unique choreographed performance that is everything you dreamed of and more. Our clients have used aerial acts for all purposes, even to serve champagne from the sky, no idea is too bold.


Personalities & Comedians


How better to warm up a room than with a hilariously witty personality performer. This is the perfect compliment to any occasion and is a guaranteed way to get people in the mood for a good time. Be it a comedian, a motivational speaker, an adventurer, or an entrepreneur, we have the best contacts to speak at your event and with years of experience in the entertainment business, Chez Vous Events can make personal recommendations to suit your needs and the purpose of your event.




Very few people fail to be impressed by the tricks of an excellent magician. A magician can work a room full of people, walking amongst your guests and performing tricks as they go. Here at Chez Vous Events we work with the most sought-after magicians in the south of Spain who have performed to the most distinguished of guests and are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.


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