Chez Vous Wedding Planner in Spain


At Chez Vous, we believe that Spanish weddings are special and should reflect the dreams and desires of the two individuals involved. We want couples to enjoy every step of planning their special day, through working with our experienced team who are just as excited about to your wedding as you are. We pride ourselves on our unique ability to exceed expectations and leave you and your guests with a memory that will last forever.

The Chez Vous promise, to deliver a dream event and an experience that exceeds all expectations, was created by the company’s CEO, Nigel Davis. Having attended a number of Spanish weddings that left him feeling underwhelmed, he launched Chez Vous Events. The company’s ethos is to offer world-class organization, service, style, catering, entertainment and attention to detail to all couples getting married in Spain. Since its launch in 2005 Chez Vous has been the fastest growing event company in the south of Spain and is renowned for delivering perfection on all levels.

Couples who choose to get married in Spain come for many wonderful reasons; weather, food, scenery, culture. Spain, with locations such as Marbella, is a dream setting for any celebration and Chez Vous Events take great pride in working with their clients to distinguish exactly what is important for them. As such, no two weddings are the same; we organize and create bespoke and luxury experience for every couple that ties the knot with us. There are many elements that need to be considered to make this possible, which we take into consideration when planning a wedding in Spain:


  • Budget Planning
  • Timeline Planning
  • Choosing The Venue
  • Sourcing Suppliers
  • Spanish Wedding Administration
  • Wedding Styling
  • Wedding Decoration
  • Wedding Day Management
  • Pre & Post Wedding Celebrations


If you choose Chez Vous Events, you choose quality, on all levels. This is our ethos and our personal promise to you. Get in touch for a quote and to discuss how we can turn your dream into a reality.


Budget planning


Thanks to years of experience, the Chez Vous team are expertly trained at helping couples create a realistic budget plan for their wedding. There are so many different levels of weddings, whatever your budget the Chez Vous team are here to make sure that your money is spent wisely. Over the years we have developed a value promise, insuring our clients receive best quality for the best value. Request a quote to learn more about our value promise.




Chez Vous clients are provided with a bespoke timeline that clearly outlines tasks and timings. The team will guide couples through the process, making sure that everything runs smoothly. This method insures that everything is completed and organized on time, therefore allowing the bridal couple and their families to fully relax and enjoy their special Spanish wedding day.


The venue


Whether you are looking for a beautiful beach location, superb Spanish finca or something a bit out of the ordinary, we provide a detailed list of carefully selected venues that match your budget and taste. Chez Vous Wedding Planner Spain has exclusivity with a number of locations in the south of Spain, so when you choose your venue with us, you know you will not only get the best location but also a unique one.


Supplier sourcing


If you are getting married in Spain but you live abroad, the chances are that you’re not acquainted with the best photographers, cake makers, florists, wedding cars, entertainers, caterers… fortunately, we are. Our forte is to understand your taste and style, then pair these with suppliers that we know will deliver your dream. Chez Vous has developed long standing relationships with the best of the suppliers on the coast, ensuring there will be no nasty surprises on your big day.


Wedding administration


In Spain there are different rules and regulations surrounding wedding laws, this is something we can take care of for you. Furthermore, our team will organize all paperwork relating to suppliers and will keep you fully informed along the way.


Spanish Wedding styling


At Chez Vous we pride ourselves on our creative flair and unique ability to create a wedding that leaves a lasting visual impact. Whether you’re looking to follow a specific theme, or colour scheme, our team will work tirelessly to turn your vision into a reality. If you’re looking for inspiration, we have a broad portfolio of wedding scenery that we have curated in the past, which we will happily customize to reflect your personal style. To help you visualize your wedding day, the team can create a bespoke mood board during the planning phase.


Wedding day management


Our team can be there on the day of your wedding to ensure that every detail is in place and to coordinate suppliers. This gives the bridal couple and their families the chance to relax and enjoy the experience in the knowledge that there is a team in place to deal with every eventuality.


Pre and post wedding celebrations


If you’re getting married in Spain or in Gibraltar, your guests will most likely have travelled a long way to be a part of your special event. Most guests like to make a holiday of it, meaning there will be ample time to get together before and after the wedding. We can help you plan events around the wedding such as intimate dinners, spa days, golfing excursions and beach club parties. Just let us know your requirement and we will provide you with a detailed quote and event plan. invitations? Find the top 10 wedding invitation vendors online.