Launch of our video wall

In the past when you wanted to have a moving picture display during your conference, party or corporate event you needed to project your video or film content onto a screen. Typically these presentations suffered from poor contrast and were limited in duration since projector bulbs have a habit of burning out. Today however the video wall has arrived to free us from the tyranny of the projector and its shortcomings. At Chez Vous we’re always on the leading edge of technological advances and never miss an opportunity to put those advances to work improving the event experience. Our new video wall is a prime example of this.


When our event planners came to us and pitched the idea of developing our own video wall we were sold and today we’ve put together one of the most remarkable and effective hi-res video displays in Spain. Here are a few of the reasons it stands apart:
  • P2 Pixel Pitch– Put simply pixel pitch is the distance from the centre of one LED to the centre of the next as measured in millimetres. So, for instance, a P10 screen would have 10mm between LEDs. The further apart these elements are the more diffuse the picture will be. Our video wall features an incredibly sharp P2 pixel pitch, meaning there’s a scant 2mm between display elements. As a result you get near lifelike clarity, deep rich contrasts and realistic colours even in the middle of the day.

  • Design Versatility– When you’re contemplating whether to make a video wall part of your next get together remember that, since the wall itself is a composite of 500mm x 500mm panels it can be configured any way you wish. Want a smartphone-like vertical display? No problem. Want a more traditional 16:9 style horizontal display? We’re on it.

  • Other benefits– As there are no projectors there is no projected material someone might walk in front of. You also don’t need to hide your video presentation in a darkened room since the incredible P2 resolution is thoroughly sunlight proof. Also there won’t be any flimsy screens flopping in the wind and rainy weather is not a problem. Finally, if you want a truly ginormous video wall we’re capable of extending ours to 30 square meters.


Money shot

The technology behind the wall is truly formidable and features state of the art inputs that allow for the display of uncompressed data that in turn produces previously unheard-of levels of clarity regardless of scale or light conditions. Also under the hood are the NovaPro HD video controller and 10 bit ClearView venue player. A number of upcoming Chez Vous events will be featuring this amazing new technological display including the 3 day United Carpets conference in Marbella.

If you would like to learn more about the Chez Vous Video Wall and schedule it for your upcoming event give us a call on +34 618 470 339 and speak to one of our event planners.

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